The word Ministry sounds an awful lot like something we do or how we accomplish a particular mission. But we believe it should be more than that.  It’s not just what we do, but part of who we are.  Our Ministries are the fruit of what Holy Spirit has done, and continues to do inside each and every one of us here at Mission 820.  And because of the Freedom and New Life we continually experience through Jesus Christ each and every day, we can’t help but bring others along on the journey.
That’s why we’ve created ministries that not only make a difference in the most hurting and broken corners of our city, but invite others to be a part of releasing that tangible expression of God’s love. Urban Encounter, Kingdom Encounter, Proximity Projects and internships are all ways in which you, and anyone else with a burden to encounter Jesus’ love in a greater way and make an impact in someone else’s life in the process, can partner with us as we release Kingdom in our city.
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