Mission 820

The Story, The Burden, The Vision
The name Mission 820 came from two specific places, Jeremiah 8:20 in the bible and Loop 820, the freeway that circles its way around the city of Fort Worth.  In 1999 pastor Corey Jones, the pastor of Crossroads Tabernacle, was driving around the 820 loop when he heard the Lord tell him to look up Jer 8:20.  That passage says, “The harvest has past, the summer has ended and we are not saved“.  The Lord began to burden pastor Corey
for all those who inhabit the 820 Loop, but are far from God.  He began to realize there was a city filled with all but abandoned and neglected people, desperate for Jesus.  This burden birthed a vision for Mission 820 and launched the early days of Urban Encounter, our inner city outreach aimed at reaching the children and their families in the apartments all around the city.  You can read more of pastor Corey’s and Crossroads story and how they became the mighty house of prayer that’s changing a Nation right here: Read more here
Though the burden known as Mission 820 originated with pastor Corey all those years ago, it didn’t mean he was supposed to carry it alone.  God has both raised up and brought to Crossroads others from all over the country who are passionate for Jesus, have heard the cry and have answered the call to be a Nehemiah generation. That’s a generation that mourns for the lost and intercedes for the helpless.  One that’ll stand in the gap, no matter the cost, and follow Holy Spirit into the darkest and most neglected corners of the city to see full restoration of lives, families and whole communities.  A generation that longs to see the bound up set free, the broken made new and the sick made whole.  And all by revealing the Healing Hope of Jesus in every area of our city.  
Pastors Steve & Amanda Pettit
Mission 820 Directors
“Our burden is for every person to encounter Jesus the way He’s encountered us, leaving them radically, unexplainably and eternally changed!”
Pastor Alvin Newton
Mission 820 Secretary
Melissa Newton
Mission 820 Treasurer
Melissa Bjornsrud
Mission 820 Adminstration and Partnerships
Mission 820 Team:
Pastor Fred & Monica Rodriguez, Desmond & Riki Atkins, Doug Davis, Melissa Bjornsrud, the Newtons and the Pettit’s.